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Guy Beaumont

Nordic Instructor


Wild remote places far away from crowds, travelling and exploring, food and wine.

Crowds, traffic queues, Brexit, hot weather and cutting the grass.

What super power do you want?
The ability to control the weather.


  • L3 ISIA Nordic License

  • Carte Professionale - ski de fond 03818ED0234

  • Outdoor first aid

  • Glides like a gazelle

Guy has been teaching since 2007, firstly in the RAF then working for Schischule Bayerwald Arber-Zwiesel. Season 2018/19 was the first season he was permitted to teach in France.
He is a fully qualified British Nordic Ski instructor, one of only 2 British instructors to be fully licensed by the French authorities to teach cross country skiing in France.

If you wish to explore the mountains in peace and tranquillity, or push your fitness limits and increase your VO2 Max, cross country skiing can cater for both.
Nordic skiing is a low impact sport, being relatively unidirectional, with very little rapid twisting or torsion to the limbs and the free heel binding minimises risk to the knee joint should falls happen. Even when practised at a low work rate, it remains a high calorie burner. It can, therefore, be considered equally suitable for the less fit participants. As energetic as you wish it to be, Nordic skiing is just as good for the casual exerciser as for the fitness buffs.
For those that are more energetic and competitive, there are many “peoples” races every weekend throughout the season all across Europe. These range from short sprints to 90km+ marathons.