When should I book ski lessons?

Definitely Now!

Seriously, book your ski lessons as early as you possibly can! As a minimum get the enquiry to your ski school so, you’ve got a ski boot in the door!

At PEAK Snowsports we don’t wait till the end of summer to fire up the booking system, we can take bookings 24/7, 365!

This does present a problem for clients who are use to booking their ski lessons when it gets cold at home, I guess we can blame technology for that one!

At time of writing, February half-term is 88% full. We have a few warm up lessons available on Sunday 16th and some wiggle room towards the end of the week. If you want to snap up the last remaining lessons with our uber talented instructors send us an email hello@peaksnowsports.com or call us on +44 1483 616 522 or book online

The industry trend is for bookings to spike between the end of September through to the middle of November. If you’re on the beach sipping a pinã colada, you still have some time. But it could be a risky wait if you’re wanting lessons during the peak weeks!

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Plan B!

If you don’t get the availability you were after, ask to be put on the cancellation list. We do this as standard, in the event we receive a cancellation you’ll receive a notification to take the lessons.

And have you thought about some warm up lessons in a snow dome? You can book some of our PEAK instructors between September and December to teach you at either Hemel Hempstead or Milton Keynes! You can book these here

Snow dome lessons are a great idea, particularly if you’re new to the sport or nervous about starting your skiing journey in the mountains!

Bon Ski!

David Walton