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  • Are lift passes included in the lessons?

    Nope lifts passes must be purchased from the many lift ticket offices or from your tour operator.

  • Where will we ski?

    Check out the locations sections for ski area maps and meeting points!

  • How long is the lesson?

    See Your lesson description here: Course’s. We recommend 3 hour lessons. We do offer 2 hour lessons too.

  • How old should my kids be to start skiing?

    If they can walk, they can give skiing a go! Double check equipment sizing goes small enough at our trusted rental partners here: All Mountain Rental. If you're looking for a number we wouldn't go below 3 years of age!

  • How should I best prepare for my trip?

    We're collaborating with a fitness app as we speak. Until then, 50 squats a day between now and your trip..

  • Whats your group size?

    Depends on the course, you can find out in the lesson description here: Course’s. Our max for any group is 8.

  • What runs can we do?

    All the runs or off piste that meet your needs and are available, if you need really gentle terrain to begin with or consolidate your new skills we’ve got that. If you want to be challenged and gently removed from your comfort zone, we’ve totally got that too.

  • What lift pass would you recommend for a lesson?

    This is detailed in the description of each course page here: Course’s.

  • Where should one après?

    Après you say? Now then, we host some après sessions throughout the season, we’ll notify you when one is coming up - if you’re subscribed to our club that is! You should definitely check out: Le Crepu and Le Tremplin.

  • What happens if I am in the wrong group?

    With the group lesson we will always try and run another group alongside the course, so if we do need to juggle the group around we can do. If this doesn’t work, we will offer alternative private lessons for the equivalent time remaining.

  • Where can I hire snow sports equipment from?

    We recommend a few hire shops where you can rent your kit from. These shops are in the "Partners we trust" section. You’ll get a tasty discount if you use one of our partners we trust: Partners we trust

  • What should I wear? 

    Clothes, definitely wear clothes.  We endorse some pretty fine gear from Peak Performance, it’s good enough for us all day and all winter long. you can buy here: Peak Performance For Hats on snow and Apres sessions buy these: Coal Headwear Goggles you can get here with discount  It is compulsory for children to wear helmets when they are on a course with us and strong recommendation everyone else, you got to protect the money maker.

  • Where are the meeting points?  

    Look under our "Meeting Points" for where we will be. That information will be provided  when you book with us too, and you’ll have direct contact with one of our coordinators or your instructor. If in doubt, just give us a ring 01483 616 522

  • Do you provide insurance with the lessons?   

    We do not provide your insurance when you book with us. We highly recommend you having "Winter sports" insurance cover or Carte Neige when skiing on our French courses, this can be purchased with your lift passes at the local ticket office. We do have liability cover for up to 10MIL, but lets not think about that. 

  • How many lessons should I book?   

    All of them, forever. We want our courses to be unforgettable and make a real difference to your experience in the mountains. We also want you to come back and spend more time with us. So, if you’re unsure give us a call 01483 616 522. We have developed longer courses for clients to really get the hang of skiing instead of a quick holiday fix, check out our signature courses. 

  • I would like to become an instructor, who do I speak to for this? 

    Sounds like a great idea! If you are interested in changing your career and become an instructor, we run "Professional Training" specifically for trainee instructors. We will run a clear training program and give you guidance all the way up to exams. Peak Snowsports will deliver the professional training with our experienced instructors and being overseen by Peak Snowsports Instructor Trainer who has an appointment from the governing body for delivering BASI assessment courses.  

  • Do all your instructors speak English? 

    Yes, they are either from the Motherland or speak fluently.  

  • Do I need to a lift pass for my child? 

    If your child is 5 and under then its free (we wouldn’t recommend pretending to be your child.) Seek further information at the lift pass office. .  

  • What happens if I want to cancel my lesson? 

    It’s all good, just give us 1 months notice and it’s 100% refunded, no questions asked! If you cancel within 1 month. We’ll give you lesson credit for you or anyone you want to gift it too for another time dependant on our availability.  

  • What happens if PEAK Snowsports cancels your lesson? 

    This could happen if weather conditions close the lift systems and pistes. In the unlikely event this happens we will issue you a statement of fact letter you can provide your insurers to seek reimbursement - Double check your policy covers this eventuality. 

  • If the weather is bad, can I stay in bed?  

    Yes, we love fair weather too. But sometimes Mother Nature does her thing! PEAK Snowsports will run lessons in all weather conditions. See our cancellation terms.

  • Where are your terms and conditions?  

    Right at the bottom of our website footer, click on "terms and conditions"