Nordic Lessons

  • Are lift passes included in the lessons?

    Nope, lifts passes must be purchased from the many lift ticket offices or from your tour operator You will only need a return bubble access lift pass.

  • Where will we ski?

    In Morzine the Nordic tracks are 400m walk from the top of the main bubble lift. And 100m at the main Les Gets bubble. Your instructor will meet you at the top of the respective bubble lift. You will receive details of the bubble lift in your booking confirmation.

    There may be the opportunity to ski at Praz de Lys, a designated Nordic ski station close to Les Gets where there are multiple ski tracks at all levels. At Praz de Lys you can get away from the downhill lifts and get the true sensation of Nordic skiing. If you are interested in this location contact us to discuss transport options.

  • How long is the lesson?

    For half day Nordic lessons, the duration is 2.5 hours. For full day, the duration is 5 hours of teaching with a break for lunch.

  • Why should people take a Nordic ski lesson?

    To have the ability to explore the mountains in a more ecologically friendly way, and escape the crowds. It is not as easy as it looks, contrary to popular belief, it is not walking on skis and the tracks are not always flat.

    A lesson will help you learn how to best use the skis to go up, down and on the flat. As a bonus it will improve your balance on downhill skis.

  • What's the hardest thing about Nordic skiing?

    For those starting it is getting used to the idea of not having your heel fixed to the ski, and soft comfortable boots which for those used to alpine skiing appear to give very little support. For those trying the skate technique it is being totally in balance on one 40mm wide ski whilst moving forward.

  • How can people best prepare for Nordic skiing?

    General all-round fitness from walking, cycling and running is a bonus although in reality you can start cross country skiing at any level of fitness as you move at your own pace, though being fitter does make it a bit easier.

  • What will I learn on my first Nordic ski lesson?

    How the skis work, how to hold the poles – yes, there is a right and wrong way! How to make the skis grip for propulsion, and glide on the skis on the flat, climb very gentle slopes, descend very gentle slopes, control your speed and stop and how to remain safe.

    In short after your first lesson you should be able to safely venture out on easy tracks on your own to practise the basics and gain confidence.

  • What equipment do I need for Nordic skiing?

    Classic technique: 
    Classic skis are generally about 25cm longer than your height, however there are what are called Nordic Cruisers which are a bit more rigid and will be a little shorter.

    Both types have a smooth ski sole at the tip and tail. In the area under the boot there will be a rough patch, usually cut like fish scales to allow the ski to grip the snow. You do not want skis that rely on wax for grip unless you are an expert.

    Skate technique:
     The ski will be totally smooth on the sole and around 5 to 15cm longer than your height. Note it is impossible to use the classic technique on skate skis, and difficult and tiring to skate on classic skis.

    For classic technique, when the spike of the pole is put alongside a foot, the top of the pole should just fit under your armpit. The length is normally your height x 0.83. For skating the poles are longer and should reach up to your chin. The length is normally your height x 0.89.

    It is important to ensure you get the correct length poles. Otherwise your body position will be incorrect and it will make it more difficult for you to progress.

    For both techniques, the boots are much lighter than those used in other snow sports. They will attach to the ski using one or two transverse bars. The hire shops will match the boots to the bindings as there are 2 different systems that are incompatible with each other.

  • What should I wear? 

    Clothes, definitely wear clothes. 
    You are likely to be more active than when alpine skiing so your downhill kit is likely to be too warm for Nordic.

    A layered approach allows for maximum temperature adjustment whilst remembering that if you are a novice you are likely to sit down in the snow a few times. A close fitting thermal layer, then an insulating one and possibly a windproof / waterproof top are a good starting point.

    Downhill gloves are not suitable as they are too warm and often too bulky to allow proper control of the ski poles. Lighter windproof gloves are ideal.

    If you cycle or run in the UK in the winter months, you probably already have suitable clothing for Nordic skiing. If it is bright, don’t forget your sunglasses and sun cream.

  • Do you provide insurance with the lessons?   

    We do not provide your insurance when you book with us. We highly recommend you having "Winter sports" insurance cover or Carte Neige when skiing on our French courses, this can be purchased with your lift passes at the local ticket office. We do have liability cover for up to 10MIL, but lets not think about that.

  • How many lessons should I book?   

    All of them, forever. We want our courses to be unforgettable and make a real difference to your experience in the mountains. We also want you to come back and spend more time with us. So, if you’re unsure give us a call 01483 616 522.

  • Do all your instructors speak English? 

    Yes, they are either from the Motherland or speak fluently. 

  • What happens if I want to cancel my lesson? 

    It’s all good, just give us 1 months notice and it’s 100% refunded, no questions asked! If you cancel within 1 month check our terms and conditions for a sliding scale of refund.

  • What happens if PEAK Snowsports cancels your lesson? 

    This could happen if weather conditions close the lift systems and pistes. In the unlikely event this happens we will issue you a statement of fact letter you can provide your insurers to seek reimbursement - Double check your policy covers this eventuality.

  • If the weather is bad, can I stay in bed?  

    Yes, we love fair weather too. But sometimes Mother Nature does her thing! PEAK Snowsports will run lessons in all weather conditions. See our cancellation terms.

  • Where are your terms and conditions?  

    Right at the bottom of our website footer, click on "terms and conditions"