We can offer pretty much everything and anything to do with snowsports. With our very talented team, they will show you ropes from start to finish. The courses are for you and it's all about you! 


Photo by IPGGutenbergUKLtd/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by IPGGutenbergUKLtd/iStock / Getty Images

Private Lesson

Private lesson is all about you and whatever your needs are. We will go at your pace, making sure you understand every little bit of detail and not over complicating it. One to one or as many people as you need, roughly at the same level to get the most out of your time with us. Peak would like to offer 3 or 5 hour session as you can then have time to boost your knowledge of the mountain and really get to grips with the effortless technique. Price per hour.


Group Kids Beginner

Kids group beginner course will be running through the European holidays. Peak will have it all covered, making sure you Child is have the best time and learning to make safe choices while being in the mountains. We will show your Child all the secret fun runs, deliver and structure a session that your Child we understand. At the end of each session there will be a detailed debrief so you know where we have been and continue your Child development. Safety is key but we will make it mega fun and your Child will want to continue the Peak Snowsports adventure journey. 


Group Kids Intermediate 

The intermediate courses will be running through the European holidays. This courses is perfect for your Child to get out their comfort zone and chase our instructors around the mountain. The structure of the course will give your children knowledge on how they can move independently around the mountains safely, stylish and effective. Hopefully our inspiration will make your Childs week and help them to continue their development.


Adult Group Course

Adult group courses that Peak deliver are fun, interactive and super knowledgable. We try to create a really relax environment where to can achieve your goals with like minded people. A step by step structure where we talk through the technical, tactical side of skiing. Phycological, physical and the environment play a big part in achieving what your goals. Peak are there to give you a realistic goal that is appropriate to your level and give you way more than a holiday fix. We deliver complete beginners all the way to expert level. These courses will run for 5 days for 2 or 3 hours a day. 



Teen Course

Teen courses are designed for the teenagers who love the adventures and like exploring. We offer a fun filled 3 day course 3 hours a day, where we will go through the general technique and exploring the more challenging areas, like black run, off piste, tree runs and mogul fields. The is also an opportunity to get to use the avalanche safety equipment and learn how to read the mountains and the terrain. 



Off Piste & Adventure Courses

These courses we will mainly be focusing on the awesome terrain that is a bit harder to get to but amazing views and some mega good riding. We will go through the basic of using avalanche kit, reading terrain, using SOS maps and reading snow conditions. There lots of information and tips which are super useful. We would recommend 2 day course if you are wanting to stay local. If you are wanting a one of adventure, then our week long adventure trip is the perfect option. You will be pushed to your limits and exceed goals you wouldn't of thought.