Pioneering online booking!

Simplicity! A key value at PEAK Snowsports HQ!

We’ve just had an overhaul of how we process booking clients into lessons and courses with our specialist instructors.

We have partnered up with Only Sky to provide a seamless booking experience online , over the phone or via email.


Our instructors have their own portal to see who they’re teaching throughout the season, they also have a public profile which clients can directly book from and leave testimonials.

Clients can book online going through a few short menus and check availability in real time - This is really slick! (The front end connecting to the back end is what we were told)

After every lesson our clients will receive their very own report card, the system will ask our instructors to complete a report card for their students and this will be emailed to the clients at the end of every lesson.

No longer will our instructors have to ask clients to write down their feedback at the end of the lesson, it will be with them forever, or until their next lesson!

And lastly, the office will spend less time processing bookings and more time on the slopes! Wohoo!

Check out the live booking here

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PEAK Snowsports HQ